To enroll in the internship program, you have to complete minimum 3 semesters in AGU.

Course Reference: EEE student internship program handbook

Course Description: The course provides experience in an engineering service, industrial, or research setting. There are two internship programs one for the summer of 2nd year, one for the summer of 3rd year. Course numbers are EE300, EE400.  

Total of 10 weeks. An internship program cannot be less than 4 weeks. 3rd year internship program cannot be less than 6 weeks.

Students Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing your internship, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the engineering workplace in industry.
  • Discover your own interests, better clarified your professional goals.
  • Develop practical engineering skills and judgment.
  • Increase your competitiveness for full-time engineering employment.
  • Communicate effectively in a workplace.
  • Display responsibility, commitment and ethics in the workplace.

Course Requirements

  • This is a Satisfactory/ Fail course.
  • You must complete all the requirements by the deadlines in order to receive satisfactory grade.
  • This course will appear on your transcript.
  • If you are terminated due to performance or conduct, you will receive an “F” grade and you can’t graduate without completing Internship program.


  • Daily activity reports (EEE-IF-03) 20%
  • Final report (EEE-IR-01)20%
  • Final presentation 40%
  • Site Supervisor evaluation from workplace (EEE-IF-04) 20%